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Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly

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Royal Jelly Soap Natural Honey Propolis Products Made in Montana

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We have a variety of natural bee products from Alpine Honey that are a great alternative for maintaining health. For more information about our products please click the links below.


Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly Made inMarion, Montana

Rocky Mountain Raw Honey

We are located in the upper North West corner of Montana, in a quiet little town called Marion.


Lucky Bee Testimonials for Royal Jelly and Natural Mountain Honey Customer Testimonials

I have been a patient of PCOS for over 20 years. In this 20 years, I spent $$, time and effort seeking treatment from Chinese and Western doctors in US, both were unsuccessful to get a natural menstrual cycle. However, I just took Rocky Mountain Pure Roayl Jelly (120K mg of Royal Jelly with 6000mga of Bee Pollen and 6000 mg of Propolis) for 4 mos., and I got my very first natural menstrual cycle...It is absolutely a miracle!!! I am so excited and very happy to see this positive result... That for sure, I will continue to take Royal Jelly for a long time to improve my overall health..."
From: SX in Boston, MA

After 8-9 years of eating my Royal Jelly in Honey, I find my mornings incomplete without it. Putting aside the fact my hair, nails and skin are glowing and healthy, Royal Jelly also gives a even keel energy with no side effects. For example like coffee might. I put a tablespoon of RJ and Honey on my bagel in the morning and I'm set. Thanks for such a wonderful product.
From: Lilly in MT

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